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Hefei Gaoge heat treatment applied technology co., LTD., including Hefei Gaoge advanced electric furnace equipment co., LTD., is high-tech enterprises, which professional engaged in R&D, design, manufacture, sales, maintenance and service of high, medium and low temperature electric furnace of industrial and experiment. The enterprise is located in Shuang Feng New & Hi-Tech Industrial Park Company based on serving scientific research and experiment in the fields of the country's new energy and new materials have a long-term cooperation with the domestic top university of technology laboratory and scientific research institutes, shared responsibility of scientific research in high-tech filed of many national 863,973project, and provide a comprehensive range of thermal technology solutions. Our company would like to commit to helping domestic new energy, new materials industry achievements to industrialization development, established close relations of cooperation with the domestic many electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, functional materials, magnetic materials, nano materials, advanced ceramics, photovoltaic pv, special fiber and military industry enterprises , provide complete sets of advanced furnace equipment and subsequent technical services for partners. Company research and development, the production of mesh belt furnace, push board kiln, vacuum furnace, atmosphere furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, preoxidation furnace, polyimide heat treatment furnace, box-type furnace, tube furnace, pit type furnace, degreasing furnace, acid degreasing furnace, bell type furnace, tunnel furnace, multi-purpose furnace and so on the many kinds of heat treatment equipment has been highly praise by the general customers, and has obtained the good economic and social benefits. As a scientific and technological enterprise, our company makes a point of improving technological innovation ability and level of enterprise, strengthen internal management, and constantly introduce cultivate interdisciplinary talents who mastering many skills and specializing in one, reserve energy for the subsequent development of the enterprise. Company brings together a group of industry elite who engaged in thermal technology and advanced technology in the field of electric equipment for a long time. At the same time, the company also hired the scholars of south China university of technology, Xi’an jiaotong university, China university of science and technology, Kunming university of science and technology, materials research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and so on institutes of higher learning, and be provided technical guidance by experienced experts in the research system of electric furnace. Company has 5000 square meters production plant and 2000 square meters office room; holds a professional technology R & D team, a strong non-standard design capability, 11 people are undergraduate student, 1 person is specialized subject and 3 people are master degree or above among them, 10% of company sales invest R&D; and advanced design software and equipment, production process automation, high precision testing instruments and means. And annual production capacity of up to 300 sets of industrial electric furnace, 400 sets of various kinds of experimental furnace, two consecutive annual output value of more than 50 million yuan. The company through the ISO9000 quality management system certification, with import and export right, two national trademark office registered, get 15 patents of utility model patents, 4 invention, ministry of science and technology key support innovative enterprises, key support innovative pilot enterprises in Anhui province. Company has a group of professional marketing team, sales network covering the whole country, products are exported to North America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other regions. In the domestic northeast, southwest, northwest, east China and other places set up agency or agencies. With accurate market positioning, the company has formed a great market potential users of direct selling and design selection of sales model, combining with the national professional association and establish good relations of cooperation, has laid a solid foundation for the enterprise's long-term development. Companies to actively participate in social public welfare activities, such as project hope, aid to impoverished college students, Tibetan village construction, etc. Company concerned about every employee's life, organizes collective tourism, outdoor activities, etc. every year. Hold a birthday party for the staff and help they pay house, their children to school. The "sharing technology, inheriting civilization" as the essence of enterprise development, the "with advanced technology, high-end frontier service" as business philosophy, relying on the powerful science and technology innovation ability and accurate market positioning, to provide users with high-quality products and services, relying on advanced technology and rigorous scientific management, promote and promote the vigorous development of China's electric kiln cause.

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Company Name:
HeiFei GaoGe Heat Treatment Technology Co., Ltd
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No.48 Fengyi Rd, Shuang Feng Economic Development Zone, Hefei
Main Business:
Industrial Furnace,Experimental Furnace,Advanced Ceramic Special Furnace
Year Established:
Total Revenue:
over 5,000,000 US dollar

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise culture is to reflect an enterprise’s spirit, quality, value, behavior, and image. ℃-ORGA enjoys a rapid and healthy development, for the reason that China’s comprehensive strength is increasingly stronger, the Party is unswerving in the policy of Reform and Open-up, all walks of life love and support us, all ℃-ORGA people work hard together, and  ℃-ORGA is an enterprise with excellent culture that features innovation and development.


℃-ORGA Spirit  

Getting Together Harmoniously, and Sharing Profit 

Getting together in a harmonious way to an organic integration of individuals, so as to effectively combine information and resources; this harmonious gathering without adverse blocks is sure to integrate dedicated people, dedicating hearts and useful resources harmoniously to guarantee a harmonious development.

To share profit is to think for and from the point of others, to allow for the interests of all. Only by bringing others profit can one bring himself profit. The enterprise aims at handling well the relations and interests among employees, clients, shareholders and society, so as to guarantee a long-term harmonious development.


Core Development Ideology of ℃-ORGA 

Sharing Science and Technology, Passing down Civilization  

The river of history is somehow tranquil and profound, the sea of knowledge is certainly sophisticated and endless, and the stars of intelligence glitter in the sky of ideology, lighting up our road forward. We are now on the road paved by the arms of countless giants, continuing mankind’s way forward with ideologies and intelligence inherited from predecessors. In comparison with worthy predecessors, what we have done and are now doing is but a spray or a bubble in a forging river.

We treat every issue with open mind, make innovation with liberal ideology, and pass down super-quality with modesty.

It is our obligation granted by this great epoch to make contribution to society on which we thrive.


Purpose of ℃-ORGA

It is to work for employee’s welfare, to enhance clients’ value, to shoulder social responsibilities, and to increase shareholders’ wealth.

Employees are our human resources and wealth resources, our productivity, and creators of our brand value. Owing to the hard work of our employees, ℃-ORGA has always been moving forward. This is why ℃-ORGA makes it our vital foundation to put employees’ interests first to try to realize their welfare.

Clients are our service targets that identify with our quality and buy our products, so they are our supports and perpetual sources of wealth. Without the recognition, trust and support of clients, ℃-ORGA can go nowhere. It is therefore our commitment not only to satisfying clients, but to moving clients by providing top-quality products to enhance performance and increase clients’ value.

Society harbors and carries all with her broad bosom. She is also a carrier of ℃-ORGA, on which we depend and from which we cannot divide. If the sky of ℃-ORGA is our spirit and dream, the earth for ℃-ORGA is this solid society on which we forge ahead. We take much from society that grants us whatever in hand generously. In this way, we take is as our incumbent obligation to shoulder social duties.

In ℃-ORGA, shareholders are investors and key management groups; They are a family that join hands in moving our enterprise forward even though there are obstacles. They cheer for every success and support for each other amid failures. Shareholders give the enterprise financial support, and more importantly, source of confidence and power, as well as the source to make innovations confidently to realize dreams and change life. They invest capitals, ℃-ORGA is to make revenue and return, for the cardinal purpose of an enterprise is to make profits. Profitability is the significant measurement of the management of an enterprise. It is our responsibility and purpose to take duties and risks, and to create and increase wealth for shareholders.


Management of ℃-ORGA 

Stick to advanced technology to serve high-end clients

The world nowadays has been witnessing an increasing globalization of information and economy where science and technology innovate quickly. New inventions and technologies, new materials and crafts keep emerging rapidly; resources are limited but the demand is huge; hardware is abundant while top-level technologies and intellects are in want. Against this background, ℃-ORGA keeps soberly recognizes that the enterprise can do no other than take the lead ambitiously to stick to the latest sophisticated science and technology development, with a view to serve clients wholeheartedly. Strive to intensive learning to enhance serviceability. We are dedicated to heat engineering technology to develop of furnace related technology. Only this can we win severe competitions continuously.

  • Company Name:HeiFei GaoGe Heat Treatment Technology Co., Ltd
  • Add:No.48 Fengyi Rd, Shuang Feng Economic Development Zone, Hefei
  • Contacts:Ms. Zhou Xia
  • Mob:18455175608
  • Tel:008655165778036-815