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Roller Furnace
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Roller Furnace

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Application areas

Roller Furnace is a type of continuous production furnace, designed solely for sintering powder materials. Chamber refractory material is made of imported energy-saving poly-light foam concrete block and Alumina Fiberboard. Heating element is an equal-diameter silicon carbide rod; temperature-control system is made of Japan-imported single loop intelligent temperature controllers; Temperature Zones use Types K and S thermocouples with ceramic tubes to measure temperature; The control system works with phase shift trigger power modules. The furnace uses a worm gear based driving system; the speed is regulated with a variable frequency motor and the speed is stable and adjustable. Features of this furnace are balanced temperature, high uniformity and repeatability, efficient energy conversation, and easy to maintain. This is an ideal furnace for large-scale production enterprises.


Main features

1. Furnace body is a framework structure made of high-quality channel steel, angle steel, and square steel; the cladding panel is high-temperature sprayed, which resists bumping and scratching and reduces thermal radiation. The body is light and artistic; it can be assembled easily and in a short time. The furnace ideal for module factory production. The wall and the top are placed on the framework, which significantly reduces the use of refractory materials and reduces the heat quantity of the body; by the way, the bottom of the furnace is with good ventilation.

2. light thermal insulation materials with high heat resistance and low heat storage are used; the wall and the top are made with large quantities of refractory fibers and refractory bricks, which guarantee quick rise and lowering of temperature, good thermal insulation properties, low surface temperature on the outer wall, and small quantities of heat storage and dissipation, so as to lower energy consumption.   

3. Advanced control system makes the furnace easy to operate and conducive for storing and analyzing data and experience, so as to maintain a scientific management.

4. Modernized safety and alarm devices, plus scientific chain programming, significantly enhance operation safety and credibility.

    In short, this furnace with is mature technology saves energy significantly; the entire design is rational and materials are rationally selected; the furnace costs low energy, the outer wall temperature is low and section temperature differences are small; products sintered are highly qualified, the furnace is highly automatically controlled, and operation is reliable. This is an ideal furnace for large-scale production enterprises.


Technical Parameters

Unit Type


Maximum   temperature


Operating   Temperature


Chamber   effective dimension


Outline   reference dimension

About 51000×3150×1800mmL×W×H

Temperature   measuring element

Low-temperature   k-type; High-temperature S-type

Temperature   Control Accuracy



imported single loop intelligent   temperature controller: P,I,D parameters self-tuning; overheat, under-heat,   open circuit alarm protection (with communication interface)

Heating Element

equal-diameter silicon carbide rod heats   both top and bottom

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