Tunnel-Type Mesh Belt Sintering Furnace
Tunnel-Type Mesh Belt Sintering Furnace
  • Tunnel-Type Mesh Belt Sintering Furnace

Tunnel-Type Mesh Belt Sintering Furnace

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1. Stable and balance temperature --- unique temperature control method; rational power distribution; highly stabilized and balanced temperature, ensure product drying quality for clients.

2. efficiency and rational cost --- rational material selection; scientific computation plus rich experience; imported strong foam concrete blocks for chamber support; light ceramic fiberboard used as refractory materials for other usage, guarantee that its plant energy consumption is closest to actual energy consumption. This ensures to significantly reduce energy cost for clients.

3. strong conformity --- selection of heating elements is in accordance with characteristics of sintering process and elements selected; heating elements are vacuum filtering shaped FEC ceramic fiber heaters


Technical Parameters

Unit Type


 Maximum   temperature


Normal   temperature


Breadth of mesh   belt

650 mm

Temperature Zone   Control

7 temperature zones; 7 points of temperature controlling; top and   bottom heating in every zone

Temperature   control accuracy


Heating Element

FEC ceramic   fiber heating plate

Furnace surface   temperature rise


Maximum   Installed Power

About 75 kw

Empty Furnace   Heat Preservation Power


Outline   reference dimension

About 7200×1450×1450mmL×W×H

Drive System

Imported   variable frequency motor; whole course belt driving; with belt driving   regulating device

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